Invest pennies in your health today, or spend dollars later.

– Mr. Naveed Khan

Mr. Naveed Khan



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Wellness Worth provides 2 Options that can lead you to regain Health

Roadmap to a bulletproof health

This will be a 6-month active journey with us that includes :

Continual practice and monitoring on life changing activities.

Knowledge and awareness Online Sessions that you can implement to reverse the disease on self and other family members and inner circle of yours.

From day 1 you can start implementation on self.

Check the bonuses you will get in this Option.

Benefits of Option 1

Certificate of Participation (soft copy).

Sessions of Onward Training Weekly live sessions systematically for practicing Yoga, Mindfulness & Power Breathing.

Weekly live sessions for question and answers and group discussion.

Recipe e-book Lots of free e-books to gain abundance of knowledge and insight.

Entry to Participant’s Community Group for healthy sharing and learning.

After Reversal Testimonial, gain entry to Wellness Worth Achievers’ group.

Benefits of option 2

If you are sick, regain your health and lead an independent and happy life.

If you are not sick you can sustain your good health and build a disease-proof Healthy Mind, Body and Soul.

Weekly Live practice sessions of Power Breathing, Yoga, Exercises and Mindfulness.

Get immense knowledge to heal self and sustain, and help others too.

Gain complete insight of health, diet, nutrition, and lifestyle.

FREE LIVE WEBINAR to gain entry to Option 1 or Option 2

This Live Webinar is for

For Direct Entry to Option 2 without Webinar

 Fill the Registration Form or send whatsapp message FOC to 9844048578

We will connect with you for a free online consultation and case discussion.

Why Wellness Worth

Meet your Host, Coach, Trainer, Mentor, & Holistic Healer

Our Strength

➪Team of Qualified and Experienced Doctors

➪Team of Trainers for Yoga, Mindfulness and Power Breathing

➪Team of Trained Naturopathy Coaches

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To regain health, take your first bold step to join your

Host, Coach, Trainer, Mentor, & Holistic Healer

Be Part of His Journey, Take Action Now!!

Rescue 10m Sick from the Diseases and Daily-Medicines and make them Healthy, Independent and Future-Ready Persons for Swasth Bharath, leading to a strong India’s Economical Growth.

Clinical Nutrition merged with Naturopathy Diet Plans play an integral role in any disease management along with lifestyle changes and continual effort for sustaining good health.

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